Rustic Mountain Wedding || Maddi + Adam

I don’t even know where to begin with my passion and love for this session! But you know I love to tell you a good story, so here we goooooo. My HECK I was in my element every moment I spent with this amazing couple! Maddi and I were besties in elementary school, but sadly we lost touch when we went to different middle schools. We were able to reconnect and build an amazing new lifelong friendship when she reached out to me and asked me to shoot her wedding! 

It's hard for me to explain the complete trust and support I felt from these two along this journey and it was unreal! Everything with these two humans and their wedding just fell into perfect place!

We started with the most fun engagement session up one of the local Utah canyons and spent HOURS reconnecting and getting to know each other better. We made their engagement session match their personalities exactly! They brought their sweet doggos along, their fav truck, and champagne. What could be better?! We ended our session with s'mores by a campfire and it could not have been a more fun evening. 

After spending that time with them and getting to know what makes them tick I was so ready for their wedding day. It was a total hoot! Their friends and family were so welcoming and it was the most epic of dance parties by the end of the night! 

Having a couple who 1000% trusts my vision made a world of difference, but also having the time to get to know Maddi and Adam and what makes them tick made this a match made in heaven. I love these humans so much and I am SOOOO lucky I got to be their photographer and capture the memories they will relive for the rest of their lives!

heck yes you do!

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