Let me introduce myself, I’m Sarah!
I’m a goofy and sarcastically charged photographer based in Utah and I'm here to be your sidekick and third wheel on your biggest adventure yet! I put my heart and soul into capturing your unique and authentic love, not something posed. I'm here to document your personalities and your relationship! 

So if you're ready to laugh until you cry, explore a gorgeous location, and snuggle the crap out of your best pal then let's do this thaaang! I promise that we will have a blast together and we will create magic. 
Let's tell your story!

what's up fam?!

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My all time faaaavvvvv thing to shoot!
Whether it's engagements, anniversary, or just because, I’m all over it. These sessions are more than just posed photos, so plan on hanging out for at least two hours!
We can get dinner or drinks beforehand and get to know each other a little better, that way I'm just your third wheeling pal, not a stranger with a camera in your face for an hour!


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Elopements set my soul on FIIIYYYAAAA,
Two people, gorgeous surroundings, and nothin' but love?
Whether your dream is to travel to a foreign country and read your vows on a grassy mountaintop, run away to a tropical island to seal the deal, or adventure through the woods and promise your love to each other, I'm here for it all! Let me be your guide in planning your elopement so it matches your personalities and passions!


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Just you and the ones you hold closest in your heart, the people you need by your side as you vow your love to your best friend!
I love weddings with a smaller guest list, but I'm also soooo ready for a huge freaking party if that's more your jam!
Either way I want to get to know you and your most important people! Whether it's a Utah wedding or a gorgeous destination, I'm your gal! I'm here to remind you that your wedding day is about YOU and the person you love most, so let's freaking tell your love story!


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SARAH IS A FREAKING MAGICIAN. I’m bawling out of laughter and of how gorgeous these photos are. our photos perfectly capture everything about our relationship. How silly we are together and how much we laugh at everything in life. I love it. I love it. I loooove it. I’ve never seen our relationship caught on camera before SO perfectly.

Stazia + Colby