Downtown Urban Wedding || Ashley + Cam

Let me tell you a little story about Ashley and Cam.

Once upon a time I was invited to a FRIENDS themed birthday party for a friend of mine, hosted at her younger brothers house. I had never met her little brother and I didn’t know if I would know anyone else at the party either, but I went because, you know, FOMO. Who knew that my friends brother was planning to marry the coolest lady and they were still looking for a wedding photographer! As soon as I met Ashley that night we bonded over our love of traveling, her party planning skills, and her insane decor abilities. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to attend many parties thrown by Ashley, including her wedding. ;) 

Being a part pf Ashley and Cam’s wedding was such an amazing twist of fates and I am so lucky to have been a part of it! These crazy kids have been together for over TEN YEARS. Say what!? They’re the cutest high school sweethearts you’ve ever seen. When Cam started tearing up as Ashley walked down the aisle I about LOST IT. I am a piggyback crier. 

These two cuties also had one of my favorite send-offs! I always tell my couples that I am here for WHATEVER you need, and I freaking mean it! So when Ashley needed someone to help her change out of her dress and into her end of the night jumpsuit you can bet your butt I was there to help her strip down! We were able to take ten minutes, just me and her, and really reminisce on the amazingness that was her day! After we got her out of her dress I got to watch her strut down the stairs in this AH-MAZING white jumpsuit and ride off into the night with her hubby on a MOTORCYCLE. Wut. I was getting major Blake Lively vibes! 

I am so glad I was invited to that fateful birthday party at Ashley and Cam’s house, and to have been a part of such an amazing day with these wonderful humans. I’m so thankful for their continued friendship with my weird self! 

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