North Shore Hawaiian Elopement || Sena + Eric

Let me tell you a little about this MAGICAL day and how badass Sena and Eric are!

This gorgeous spot on the North Shore of Hawaii is a up a secluded hiking trail that is somewhat difficult to find. Once you’ve tackled the feat of finding the trailhead you’d better be prepared for for a steep incline to the top. We set out to climb this bad boy pretty quickly to find our destination, and we succeeded! 

Once we got to our spot we started snapping away. Send and Eric danced cliffside to their wedding song, shared tender memories with each other, and even made out a little. ;) As the day went on Hawaiian weather decided to play a little game with us and start POURING rain! While it made for breathtaking photos, we didn’t think about the consequence of heading back down the steep incline. We spent a few hours at this spot just living in the moment and celebrating Sena and Eric’s love! 

Finally, it was time to head back down the mountain. We started making our way back down and low and behold, the entire trail had turned into a mudslide! Now if you know anything about me you can gather that I am the MOST accident prone person around. (Really, I broke my collarbone IN a doctors office..) So you can only imagine what it looked like while I was trying to make my way down the slide of this freaking cliff!

Sena and Eric were such troopers as we slowly made our way down the mountain. Everything was going great… until it wasn’t… In true Sarah fashion, I lost my footing and slipped. I didn’t slip a little. I slipped a lot. All the way down a Hawaiian mountain in fact! I kid you not, I slid 90% of the way down on this hike on my BUTT. By the time we made it to the bottom I was covered in mud and I had ripped my leggings right down the butt. HOW EMBARRASSING! But did Sena and Eric care? Nope! We spent the entire drive back to the house laughing and reminiscing on what an amazing day we had just had. Was slipping down a mountain terrifying? Absolutely! Would I change it at all? Absolutely not! So incredibly blessed to have spent an entire day capturing these amazing humans love for each other! 

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