North Shore Adventure Session || Lauren + Josh

Some days I can’t even believe this is my job! I get to spend time third wheeling with amazing couples on beaches in Hawaii, like WUT. 

I was able to spend some time frolicking with Lauren (@ockeydockey) and Josh (@joshriboldi) on the North Shore of Hawaii just a few months before they announced they were pregnant! It was so much fun to get to know them and see their quirky personalities mesh together. Let me tell you, these two are SO FUNNY and so down to earth. 

At one point during the shoot Lauren and Josh were sitting in the sand, fully clothed, and Lauren looks over and asks “should he be shirtless for this? I think he should.” and just proceeds to pull his shirt off and make this so much better for everyone involved. ;) To be fair, it does look more natural to be lounging on a beach without a shirt on!

I suddenly feel the dire need to pack my swimsuit and head to Hawaii! Who's in? 

yep, definitely!

should we  jet off to Hawaii?

let's go