Disneyland Anniversary Session || Carli + Jared

Do I even need to say anything about this session!? 

Carli and Jared are two of my best friends and I was SO STOKED for this shoot. Not only did I get to shoot in Disneyland, UH DREAM, but I got to spend the whole weekend in the happiest place on earth with these two amazing humans. The last photo in this gallery has been the background on my computer since this shoot because I can’t handle how fetching cute we all look! (My pal Evangeline tagged along for this weekend because it was the last weekend I had before having major shoulder surgery. We were determined to make the most out of it!)

Carli and I went to college together and bonded over our mutual disdain for a certain communications class we were in together. After college Carli helped me get a job that I loved and stayed at for multiple years, but after helping me get the job she decided to run off to San Diego to open a store there for the same company. I was so upset that my new-found friend was leaving me for another state. Her moving ended up bringing us closer together though! I got an annual pass at Disneyland and made an effort to go out and visit frequently, we also FaceTimed a LOT. 

I still remember the night she introduced me to Jared. We were FaceTiming and out of the blue she goes “Oh, do you want to meet my boyfriend?” Um excuse me, what! This is the first I’m hearing of him and you just casually bring him up in conversation like this! She then panned her phone over and started telling me the story of how they met. 

Meeting Jared for the first time was so much fun! He has the kind of personality that just welcomes everyone in, and seeing how he looks at Carli is UNREAL. I love these two so much and I also really miss having an annual pass and being able to run off to Disneyland with them all the time. 

SURE Freaking do

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